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Mobile Showcase

The Mobile Showcase gives you the opportunity to engage, learn and imagine what is possible with Industry 4.0. The showcase suits a broad range of people – from those currently working across our diverse manufacturing landscape through to our future workforce.

You can expect:

  • An informative, 30 minute session at your manufacturing or education site (we will come to you!)
  • A hands-on, engaging experience with cutting-edge technology
  • A knowledgeable host who will guide you through how Industry 4.0 applies to different aspects of manufacturing
  • Helpful resources to take away

The transportable showcase will be traveling to smaller centres in regional New Zealand (as well as the main centres) over the next three years!

There’s no cost to you for this showcase – all we need is your time and enthusiasm!

Want to get involved, and either host or attend a session? Get in touch for more information or click here to find out if the mobile showcase is travelling near you.

locations where the Mobile Showcase will go

What is the mobile showcase?

Using a purpose-built chocolate-sorting mini-production line, an Industry 4.0 specialist will showcase advanced technologies in action and share successful implementation stories to inspire your next steps.

  • Industry 4.0 101 - An overview of Industry 4.0 technologies and how they can help manufacturers reduce costs, make jobs safer and more interesting, become more flexible and react faster to changes in the market;
  • Productivity - Discover how Industry 4.0 can help you increase productivity by improving the collection and analysis of data to drive better decision making;
  • Quality - Learn how Industry 4.0 can improve the speed and efficiency of quality assurance activities and help prevent issues before they arise;
  • Maintenance - Learn how Industry 4.0 solutions can boost the quality and efficiency of maintenance work for both unplanned stoppages and planned work;
  • Capital projects – Discover how Industry 4.0 solutions can improve decision making on capital spend, reducing uncertainty, down-time and costly error.

Technologies include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), digital twins, additive manufacturing (3D printing), Internet of Things (IoT), simulation & modelling, data analytics and computer vision.

Check out the interactive demo below!